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Place To Visit in Rajkot City

Ramnath Para Mukti Dham

Spreading over an area of 12,000 yards, Mukti dham is an electric crematorium located in Ramnath para area on the banks of the river Nyari. What makes this place special is that it is not just a place for cremation of dead bodies, but something more. It was conceived by Architect Vinod Makhesana who received the Journal of Indian Institute of Architects 2003 Award for its design.

The entrance to the crematorium is known as the Pearl Gates. These are carved out of Red stones by Orissa sculptors. The crematorium has provisions for two electric pyres where the funeral proceedings are carried out according to Hindu ideologies and customs but the pyre is lit using electric supply. It also has a conventional crematorium where wood logs are used for cremation.

Mukti Dham has a library which houses books on spiritual and religious topics and can be read by the visitors. It has three Umbrella rest points which shelter the visitors from heat and rain. The pillars of umbrella rest points are decorated with statues of deities. Besides there are paintings and sculptures which depict various mythological events. There are step gardens in Mukti Dham which adds to the beauty of the place with its colourful flowers and tender shrubs. The place also has an air-conditioned prayer hall which can accommodate up to 200 people.

Ramnath Para Mukti Dham
Ramnath Para Mukti Dham
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