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Place To Visit in Rajkot City

Rajkumar College (RKC)

The Rajkumar College (or RKC) in Rajkot is one of the oldest K-12 institutions in India. RKC has a 26 acre (105,000 m²) campus located in the heart of Rajkot city.

The foundation stone was laid in 1868 and the college was formally opened in 1870. The college was founded for the education of the Princely order by the Princes and Chiefs of Kathiawad for their sons and relations.

The Rajkumar College for Girls was inaugurated on March 24, 2011, by Dr. Shrimati Kamla, Governor of Gujarat. The Principal, Mr. Thakkar, said that it was a special day for the Rajkumar family. Almost hundred and forty years ago on 16th December, 1870 the college was inaugurated by the Governor of the Bombay Presidency, Sir Seymour Fitzgerald and another venture of the same college was also being inaugurated by a Governor, the first lady of Gujarat.

Rajkumar College (RKC)
Rajkumar College (RKC)
Rajkumar College (RKC)
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