Rajkot City
સોમવાર ૨૫ સપ્‍ટેમ્‍બર, ૨૦૨૩ વિક્રમ સંવત ૨૦૭૯
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Place To Visit in Rajkot City

Raiya Naka & Bedi Naka Gate

The old fort built by Masum Khan, the Deputy Faudar of Junagadh in 1722 AD in Ramnath para area is in ruins. Only the gates of the fort still remain, of which the Raiya Naka and Bedi Naka were renovated by Sir Robert Bell Booth, the Chief Engineer of a British Agency in 1892. He built the three storied clock tower there.

Raiya Naka & Bedi Naka Gate
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